Wednesday, December 07, 2022

A Bunch of Amateurs at The Penrith Playhouse

Penrith, Cumbria, UK. Friday 02-December-2-22.

A friend went to the first night of "A Bunch of Amateurs" and posted "Saw this last night and thought it was super! Go see it if you need a good laugh". We had no plans for the following night so booked tickets for ourselves and another friend who was visiting for the weekend. 

It is the first time I've been to an Am-Dram performance since 1993 when I saw my friend John Patient performing in "Black Comedy" by the Edge Hill Players in Wimbledon. Going for this was somewhat of a leap of faith but seeing as how one of the authors is Ian Hislop of "Private Eye" and "Have I Got News For You" fame we had high hopes.

It turned out to be very entertaining; well acted and occasionally a bit hammy but that was the nature of the plot. It was a bit "meta" an amateur dramatic company putting on a play about an amateur dramatic company, hard to tell if any hammy or stilted bits were unintentional or well acted. It matters not, the cast delivered their lines and a good number of laughs.

We were fortunate to see Ian McKellen perform the role of King Lear back in 2018. Notwithstanding the director’s assertion that knowing the plot of King Lear is not necessary it did add an extra layer of appreciation of the play’s storyline. The lead character did a good job of gradually transitioning through the course of the play from a brash American accent to an RP Shakespearean delivery. 

A very enjoyable way to spend an evening.

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