Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Bad Plus at Ronnie Scott's

Ronnie Scott's London. Monday 14-November-2022.

The trip to Ronnie's had been planned for a while unlike the two previous concerts this weekend! Our third Jazz Quartet in four days.  This was booked some while back with our friend Kathy. We sent her a list of possible dates and performers and she came back with this one as someone she had heard of. We knew nothing of them and so our expectations were modest but we have always enjoyed Kathy's recommendations in the past. Fortunately they were much better than expected.

We met Kathy for lunch at The Spice of Life and then went to an exhibition on Lucian Freud at the National Gallery. Not sure I like his work much - his view of human flesh is blotchy textured and sickly coloured. We then wandered around the main galleries for an hour or so and were reminded of the marvels therein; some of the most famous paintings in the world. We had booked for the first house at Ronnie's with doors open at 5:30 so there was just time for a mulled wine in Trafalgar square until it was time to head over.

We passed through Leicester Square which was in full Christmas market mode.

When there are two houses Ronnie’s clear the place, we all have to leave, in order for them to get ready for the second set and a fresh batch of customers. The band came on half an hour later than advertised but played for their allotted time making the second house a later start.

I was amused by the contrasting stage personas of the drummer who was suitably energetic, and seemed to be having an on-going joke with the double bass player, and the guitarist who made no eye contact with anyone but spent the entire set gazing down at his shoes.

Next to us we had a guy who showed his appreciation by whistling incredibly loudly at the end of each song. That really bugs me. I have been at some concerts where the whistle is so loud I find it painful. 

Overall we liked the band but they didn’t quite gel. We were not surprised to learn that they had a change of lineup about a year ago. The drummer and the bass player played extremely well together but we were not so sure about the saxophone player. There was some good “conversations“ between him and the guitar player but we definitely thought that he was better when he played the clarinet. 

After the concert it was still early and we went for a very delicious Thai at Patara restaurant nearby.

A very pleasant evening all in all.

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