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A collection of parkrun links:

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UK parkruns by shape
Credit: Andrew Chilcraft.

Does what it says on the tin. My personal preference is two-lappers.

Driving distances from UK mainland parkrun
Credit: Stuart Bruce.

Select a parkrun and get distance from that location.

Alphabet challenge three nearest letters
Credit: Stuart Lowe.

Select a parkrun and get straight line distance for the nearest three parkrun for each letter of the alphabet.

parkruns with regions
Credit: Roderick Hoffman.

Showing parkrun regions and including former parkruns and restricted access parkruns. Updated weekly.

Running Challenge Chrome extension / Firefox Add-on.
Credit: Andrew Taylor.

Adds challenge progress information to your parkrun athlete results page.

Challenger Chaser map.
Credit: unknown.

Show which parkruns you need for various challenges e.g. Pirates, Compass club, Staying Alive, etc.

parkrun Events Map hack.
Credit: Ian Shepherd.

Show which parkruns you have visited using the UK parkrun tourists yellow and black cow icon.

Virtual barcode.
Credit: Robert Sargant.

A tool that lets you add your parkrun barcode to the Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Can also be used with Android.

What Shoes Wednesday crowdsourced spreadsheet.
Credit: Graham Holland

A spreadsheet with recommendations for Road or Trails shoes for UK parkrun tourists.

5K App
Credit: Michael Clayton.

My go-to app. Track progress towards the various challenges (e.g. Alphabet, Cowell club, Pirates, Position Bingo) plus find a parkrun, track your friends, etc. and display your barcode.

Apple -

Android -

parkrunner App

Similar functionality to 5K App.

Apple -

Android -
Note: This has a different icon to the iOS version so it may not be the same app.

Running achievements (Smadges) App
Credit: Ford Hollett.

Similar to the above apps but aesthetically not my favourite.

Apple -

Android -

Volunteer App (official)

Two essential functions for a volunteer: Timer and Scanner

Apple -

Android -

parkrun App (official)

Compares poorly with 5K, etc. Apparently it has not been updated since 2016 - avoid.

Apple -


For a visual representation of regions, counties etc.


prApp is intended as a fun way for parkrunners to visualise their progress.

Events and Airport Planner
Credit: Dave Thornton.

Matching airports to parkruns across Europe.

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