Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Borgo Divino In Tour 2022

Cisternino, Puglia, Italy. Saturday 02-July-2022.

Cisternino was the fifth date on a nationwide tour of a three-day wine tasting events organised by Borgo Divino. The format follows other wine fairs we have attended, you get a glass, a neck halter to carry your glass and a voucher for a set number of tastings. 

There must have been about fifteen stalls representing around 30 producers from all over Italy and Puglia was well represented.

We were joined by our neighbours Stephen and Kate from across the alleyway.

The council closed off a couple of streets and, as well as the wine stalls, there were a dozen posters on all sorts of wine topics including regions, grapes and glasses, very informative.

At the second stall we tasted a wild ferment wine (using only wild yeast strains present on the grape skins) which fell into the "interesting" category. Wild ferment is always a risk, sometimes fantastic but not always wholly successful. 

Third stall: even at this stage they were not too bothered about crossing off the glass symbols on our tastings tracker.

We had also bought tickets for a tasting plate of local salami and cheeses, etc. but we were running out of time so took it home for lunch the next day.

Multiple wine tastings later we went for a pizza at Da Tonia's, then back out for Round 2.

We had tasted wines from Ciu Ciu in Penrith back in March [Low-Intervention Wines from Europe] so were interested to taste others in their range. We tasted their sparkling Passerina and still Pecorino wines. 

The fair was from six-thirty till midnight every evening. At seven on Saturday the streets were deserted, by midnight they were still buzzing.

We went back out on the Sunday to buy some wines, the Ciu Ciu Pecorino mentioned above and Kia Ros, a rose made from the Nero Di Troia grape, from Domus Hortae in northern Puglia.

Other wines we liked were: a rose called 26 Agosto from Villa Agreste, Prima Filaro from Monte Marcuccio, both from Puglia, Greco and Falghina from Torre del Pagus in Campania, and a Sangiovese from Tuscany (producer not noted).

A very enjoyable evening with new wines to drink in the rack!

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