Saturday, April 09, 2022

Brunswick Road 11 - dining room plastering, kitchen installation

Penrith, Cumbria. March-2022.

Finally some real progress. Between Allen, our kitchen fitter, and Barry the builder, the month of March has seen great leaps forward. 

Allen did what he could in the utility room while we were waiting for delivery of the kitchen units. First he installed the loo and shower base. We have missed having two loos. I joked that we should now call the house “Lautrec”.

Next the shower boards went in and then had to be left for the filler foam to go off.

Once Allen had done what he could Barry’s lads came in to strip and re-plaster the back wall and chimney breast. The back wall was re-plastered using insulated boards to help improve the thermal efficiency a little.

We had hoped that the chimney breast would be lovely stone like in Benson Row but sadly not. Although the top part was stone it would seem that the lintel had been lowered from its original position and the infill was unappealing brickwork so we plastered it back over. 

The left hand alcove, where the boiler had been, was opened out then boxed in to hide all the pipe work to the new boiler and make it symmetrical with the other side.

Once the plastering was done we could move the dresser back into the dining room from the hallway where it had been constricting the passageway. It meant we could now move freely and also unbox the glasses, etc which had been in storage crates cluttering up the rest of the house.

The kitchen fitter returned with the carcasses for the units and positioned them in the correct places.

Because of the wiring still needed for the hob and oven he made a start on the utility room - the first units are now fitted. They will eventually have the same work top as the kitchen with a countertop sink above the washing machine.

The flying sink has gone so we are back to washing up in the bathroom sink but not for long; next month should see the work complete.

"It will be lovely when it's finished!"

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