Saturday, March 05, 2022

Brunswick Road 10 - painting, shelving, pipework

Penrith, Cumbria. February-2022.

Once the plastering was done (see January update) I had to bring the paint roller out of retirement and slap two coats of Dulux kitchen and bathroom paint all over in order not to delay the kitchen fitting (or even worse let Mary do the painting). Slip on shoe cover make excellent, improvised light protectors.

The kitchen fitter then informed us that the lead time on the units was such that it would not be happening as soon as hoped. A strategic rethink was called for. We brought forward the dining room re-plastering to get that done in the meantime. Unfortunately the weekend before he was due to start the plasterer slipped on some ice, jolted his back and was out of action for at least a week.

In the meantime we had a parallel, DIY work stream fitting the TARDIS circuit in the shed. We decided the Belfast sink had to go  It took up room, had no water tap and the drain didn’t drain. No before picture, alas. I took a hammer to the supporting bricks and, lo, it was gone. It may become a planter or a boot cleaning trough.

Next step was to replace the temporary plastic shelves from B&Q with wall to wall brackets and adjustable shelving to hold all our storage crates.

I had to borrow Nigel’s SDS hammer drill as my battery powered drills weren’t up to brick and stone. 

Order restored, shelves stacked. It may not be the closing scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark but it’ll do for me.

Back in the house when the old bath was taken out from the downstairs bathroom it left a pair of pipes running across the floor that fed the kitchen sink. When we re-sited the boiler we missed a trick. We should have got the plumbers to take those pipes out and take a fresh feed from the new boiler. So while we were in Italy the plumbers came back to retrofit the routing and add a spur for the new shower. 

Next month we hope for full installation of kitchen and utility / shower room.

Repeat after me “ It’ll be lovely once it’s finished”.

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