Friday, January 08, 2021

Benson Row - 20

Penrith, Cumbria. December-2020.

We are declaring victory on the Money Pit. We no longer have an Oubliette just inside the front door and all works are complete. Well not strictly true, we still have to choose a hearth stone and there is some minor decoration to be done but the works are, in essence, complete. Break out the champagne!

It has been a long old slog. We started the buying process in November 2018 but did not complete on the purchase until March 2019. Then the work began:


  • March: purchase completion
  • April: furniture buying
  • May/June: kitchen design and the fateful decision to knock through into a kitchen / diner
  • July: destruction of the wall, staircase and landing
  • August: construction of the new staircase and landing
  • September: new boiler, underfloor heating in kitchen, beam strengthening, wall reinforcing
  • October: bathroom / front bedroom restructuring, shower installation, cellar expansion
  • November: decorating, completion of shower, the saga of matching the paint colour
  • December: more decorating, carpet fitting 


  • January: decorating
  • February: kitchen installation starts
  • March: lockdown with kitchen worktop fitted in the nick of time
  • April/May: Mary destroys anaglypta in living room
  • June: Mary destroys false wall in living room to expose fireplace
  • July: Mark repairs and redecorates living room
  • August: front room flooring starts and stops
  • September: rectification work on joists, new front door
  • October: chimney removal, we have a hole in the living room floor
  • November we no longer have a hole in the floor, chipboard is down
  • December: we have floorboards, yeah!

We could then move back into our living room and retrieve the furniture and possessions that were previously scattered throughout the rest of the house and in a friend's garage; normality has been restored. We are pleased with how it has turned out:

Living room. 

Kitchen end of Kitchen / Diner.

Dining end of Kitchen / Diner.

Downstairs toilet and shower room under the new stairs.

Upstairs bathroom.

Back Bedroom - Ours.

Middle bedroom - bunk beds suitable for children or adults.

Front bedroom - guest bedroom.

When the rest of the world returns to normality we will be open for visitors. Come visit the lovely North Lakes!

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