Sunday, November 10, 2019

Winter Droving 2019

Penrith, Cumbria. Saturday 26-October-2019.

Our fourth Winter Droving in Penrith. The usual fun mix of craft and street food stalls, live entertainment throughout the day with acts on several stages and itinerant performers.

An innovation this year to encourage the wearing of masks all day - a checkpoint with fast track for those wearing masks and winding barriers for those bare-faced, policed by suitably officious border guards.

Our friend Kate had no problem at Mask Control!

Lunch was some very tasty lamb merguez in a bun from the jolly staff at Hallsford Farm.

Live music at the bandstand, one of several acts we saw.

Lots of laughs at a regular feature of the day: The Drovers Cup featuring the tray-of-beer relay race, the hay-bale and sack of potatoes relay race, and ...

...the egg hurling.

The highlight of the evening is the giant lantern parade.

Groups of marchers.

Illuminated brass band.

Drummers and the giant stag.

Supper was in a newly opened tapas restaurant La Casita which warrants a return visit. After supper our friends went for a nightcap at Fell Bar but we peeled off and went to bed after a full day.

Looking forward to The Winter Droving 2020.

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