Monday, August 26, 2019

Benson Row - 05

Penrith, Cumbria. August-2019.

This last month the builders have been busy completing the rebuild of the stairs and demolishing the wall between dining room and kitchen.

The new staircase going up to the raised landing.
The extra turn at the start gives us a little extra headroom under the stairs. That means the toilet can be tucked in under the second turn leading to the flat landing. This in turn gives a straight run to the shower at the back under the main landing. In this picture the last stair section up to the main landing is yet to be installed.

Supporting the little bedroom floor. 
Originally we had hoped for an open staircase but it was necessary to provide structural support for the little bedroom floor upstairs so the first flight will be boxed in.

Removing the wall.
This is done by drilling holes through the wall to take box girders that are supported by Acrow props. Once the upstairs is supported the demolition can begin.

New pillars for the steel joist.
Either side of the opening foundations were dug for a concrete pad on top of which the brick pillars are built.

New steel beam in place. 
Actually three steel beams were placed on top of the pillars and bolted together. Then the Acrow props and the temporary girders are removed.

This is an extra beam put in to support the slightly bouncy floor upstairs.

Re-opening the old door.
Part of the works involves blocking up the kitchen door and re-opening an original door that was blocked up in 1975. That has revealed a nice threshold and lintel which we will endeavour to preserve.

Timber Lintel.

The under stairs space.
The new shower and toilet will go here. They took a jack hammer to the floor from the new door all the way along to accommodate the drainage. In the middle you can see the top step of three that, up to 1975, lead down to storage space under the original stairs.

New linen cupboard.
We bought a refurbished, old-style linen cupboard which unfortunately would not go up the stairs so we had a Right Said Fred moment:
"All right, " said Fred, "Have to take the feet off
To get them feet off wouldn't take a mo."
Took its feet off, even took the seat off
Should have got us somewhere but no!
So Fred said, "Let's have another cuppa tea."
And we said, "right-o.".

So it is now upstairs and legless - like some people we know!

Planning the kitchen.
Now that the structural work has been done (although much plastering and making good remains) it does mean that we can start work on the kitchen design.

After many variations we have gone for a basic U-shape. There is also the possibility of an island unit which would be on wheels so that it is movable. We may or may not go for that in the first instance. We have decided to keep the boiler in its original location, likewise the washing machine. That will help keep the costs down a little. The final installation be painted pale blue-grey (Dulux Country Sky).

We await further updates from the builder...

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