Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hotel at the Peacock Theatre

London. Thursday 28 February-2019.

A last minute decision to slip in an extra bit of culture at Sadler's Wells West End venue, The Peacock Theatre, Cirque Éloize performing a new production called Hotel.

Amanda Reynolds at LondonTheatre1 writes:
"The visually impressive Art Deco hotel full of chrome surroundings and bright lights is a great setting for this innovative show. Unlike other circus productions Hotel blends a mixture of dance, comedy, music and acrobatics to create a fresh take on the traditional circus. Although mostly aimed at adults, this production is well-suited to all ages and families will enjoy this unique show.
Overall, Cirque Éloize’s Hotel may not offer anything overwhelmingly shocking or new but what it does offer is a clever fusion of dance, acrobatics, circus skills and music to create something fresh. With an outstandingly talented cast, it is an entertaining show to sit back and enjoy whilst marvelling at the feats performed onstage." Full review...
Clever and entertaining. And Mary particulary liked the bit of business with a small carpet that they made act like a dog called "CarPet".

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