Sunday, November 25, 2018

Adventures in Odissi and Kathak - Darbar Festival at Sadler's Wells

London. Sunday 25-November-2018.

The second of two visits to Sadlers Wells and the second "compare and contrast" event (see Rambert and Rambert2). This time East and Odissi vs. Kathak.

The first act was Odissi which is very much what I image when I think of Indian dance. The hand gestures and arm poses are very crisp and precise. I was put in mind of Madonna's Vogue: "Don't just stand there, let's get to it, Strike a pose, there's nothing to it". The body moved in similarly stylised ways.

After the interval Kathak was very different: the hands are very fluid, the arms curved and is in motion; the body is continuously whirling motion reminiscent of Flamenco.

The third part was introduced by Akram Kahn who curated the festival's dance content. This segment was a fascinating duet not only of the two solo dancers but also both sets of musicians. Many of the movements were shared but done in such different styles.

An interesting review at Young Talent:
My favourite part of the show was the final piece at the end, when both the Odissi and Kathak musicians and dancers came on stage to perform a joint piece. The dancers duet was so beautiful, it was truly amazing to watch both dance styles side by side and how they really complemented each other." Full Review...
A view shared by Asian Culture Vulture:
Seeing two such distinct styles complimenting each other with such harmony showed just how different the two art forms are, while reinforcing why they are so precious. Full review...
All in all a fascinating and enjoyable evening.

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