Saturday, October 06, 2018

Pollino National Park

Civita, Calabria. Friday/Saturday 05/06-October-2018.

Our friend Sue was visiting Calabria for a work conference. The plan was that she would come and join us for a couple of days since she was already down in Southern Italy. When we looked at public transport getting from Tropea to Cisternino by train was going to take a bonkers 11 hours. In the end we decided to go and collect her but break up the journey.

We drove over to Civita in the Pollini National Park and to spend the night in an AirBnB and have a look round. The big attraction in town is the Devil's Bridge over the gorge so we walked down, had a look and walked back up. Took about an hour although reading some of the reviews you'd think it was a major transcontinental trek!

A good view down the gorge. This was as far as we could go as a flash flood earlier in the year had claimed the lives of ten walkers and the path was inaccessible.

The town itself is very atmospheric and also is one of the pockets of Albanians in Italy scattered across southern Italy.

That evening we had an excellent meal at L'Antico Uliva recommended by the B'n'B. The town had a weathered look about it.

The next morning we had time to visit Cosenza and get a dose of faded glory.

The old town has definitely seen better days and many of the building were looking sadly neglected.

Our friend Sue caught a train part way, from Tropea to Cosenza, we picked her up from the station and drove her the rest of the way back for her visit to Cisternino. So that was nice.

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