Friday, August 31, 2018

Aperitivo Classico 2018 - August

Bar Fod, Cisternino, Puglia.

The season continues...

Wednesday 01-August-2018.

A bonus, mid-week Aperitivo Classico to celebrate 20 years of this excellent tradition. A tribute to Edith Piaf with songs and stories of her life. The maestro who produces the series is the leftmost man seated next to the singer.

The acoompanying nibbles just had to be birthday cake!

Sunday 05-August-2018.

No concert because it was the town's patron Saints' day: Cisternino Celebrates San Quirico 2018.

Sunday 12-August-2018.

Clarinet and Pianoforte by M Goffredo and A Palasciano.

The nibbles were Capocollo from Martina Franca in a rosetto roll - "a traditional capocollo of Apulia. It is smoked with laurel leaves, thyme, almonds, Mediterranean herbs and pieces of bark of Macedonian Oak" [Wikipedia].

The recommended wine was a rose. Mine had a hint of cork taint but Mary's was fine however they were from different bottles.

Sunday 19-August-2018.

Song and Pianoporte by G Palma and L Tanzarella.

Nibbles: Hummus with crudités and prosecco.

Sunday 26-August-2018.

Guitar solo by G Calo. This guy was good. Not that the others weren't good but this man was a virtuoso.

Bar Fod kindly posted this picture in which you can see, on the back left table, Mary and I with our friends Chris and John, Michael and Gail, and Trudi and Steve with family. In the left front row other regulars, the German couple (Alex and Barbara) and the Italian couple (whose names escape me).

Nibbles: Aubergine dip which Fabio described as a "savoury cappuccino" with cream cheese, mango sorbet and a small croissant. The recommendation drink was a vodka-based cocktail which was delicious!

The last session of August is the occasion for the "team photo" with all the regulars, Mary and I right in the centre.

Update: Sunday 26-August-2018.

A supernumerary Sunday concert after all the Italian tourists have gone home. A triple bill with piano accordion ...

... clarinet and pianoforte ...

... and singer with pianoforte.

Nibbles: a re-presentation of insalate caprese with rocket (rucola) purée, mozzarella and tomato with mini friselle.

A wonderful memento of a great Cisternino tradition.

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