Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jawbone at the Green Note Cafe

Camden, London. Thursday 14-June-2018

Being a great fan of Marcus I was pleased to see that he was playing in London while I was back in the UK. We have seen him many times but the first time with this band. Here in "Jawbone" he is teamed up with the brilliant Paddy Milner, who we have seen several times at Ronnie Scott's as part of the support act, on key boards. Rex Horan on bass and Evan Jenkins on drum complete the line-up.

Got a really good seat with only the sound engineer between me and the stage.

They did not do so much original material but more a set comprising a variety of covers from their favourites: Memphis Slim, Leon Russell, The Band, Little Feat, Tom Waits.

Interesting to see Marcus dialling it back from the main man to front man as part of an ensemble of equal. Unsurprisingly it was an evening of excellent music. I spoke to both Paddy and Marcus afterwards and I fear I may have gushed a little but why not? Bought the CD and vinyl of their latest album as a treat for later.

All sorts of thoughts wander through my head during gigs. I got a momentary flash of cat guilt - I've left the cat home alone, did I remember to set the timed cat feeder, will I get home to a piteously starving moggies! Oh no, phew, we don't have a cat any more. I still get occasional feline flashbacks especially approaching home and opening the front door in anticipation of a furry welcoming committee.

Got chatting to the bloke next to me who was also on the Merlot and when I went to get a refill he suggesting splitting a bottle - a more cost effective purchase. Not sure I needed that last glass but I had nothing in the diary for the next day so "hurrah!".

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