Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jan Garbarek at the Royal Festival hall 2016

London. Sunday 13-November-2016

Another excellent concert from our favourite Norwegian saxophonist. The third time we have seen him at the RFH as part of the London Jazz Festival.

We got seats close to the stage but high up in a box. Not suitable for those suffering from vertigo but it did give us an excellent view of the stage and the performers.

It was a great concert, the most uptempo of his three jazz festival concerts that we have seen.

Sarah Chaplin of London Jazz News writes: "Now forty-odd years into his career, Garbarek is as close to perfection as it’s humanly possible to achieve, showing himself to be a master of silence as well as sound, of striking rhythmic figures as much as achingly beautiful phrases." Full review...

I'll go with that. It was a rare treat. He doesn't give that many concerts. It is well worth getting to see him if you can. His next UK date isn't until July 2017.

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