Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chenin Blanc and Sangiovese at Unwined

Tooting Market, London. Wednesday 11-May-16

I left my notebook in Italy and only now (Mon 05-Sep-16) have got round to typing my notes up.

Two of our favourite varietals presented by Kiki in the relaxed setting of Unwined in Tooting market, one of their regular "Wine Wednesday" tutored tastings.

First up the Chenin Blanc (aka Pinot Anjou):
  • Papegaai from Svartland in SouthAfrica - ripe tropical fruits on the palate with hint of apple on the nose
  • Champalou 2014 Vouvray from the Loire - pale, smokey / sweet & sour palate, tart in the mouth
  • Mosse 2014 from Anjou - very pale, almost vin santo like, taste of dried apples, hint of caramel. Kiki thought there was some volatile acidity but I didn't get that.

Then the Sangiovese, translates as the blood of Christ (aka Brunello):
  • Inarno 2013 - very "sotto bosco" leaf mould on the nose, light tannins, morello cherries on the palate 
  • La Fralluca 2009 - very dark colour, rounded mellow balanced tannins, some got currants or coconut on the palate
  • Rosso di Montalcino 2014 - light in colour, leaner, less fruit, almost pinot-like

I liked the approach of presenting the first wine on its own to introduce the grape then presenting numbers two and three together as a "compare and contrast". When the tasting was over we stayed on for a glass and a chat. An educational and enjoyable evening.

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