Saturday, April 23, 2016

San Giorgio Patron Saint of Locorotondo

Puglia, Italy. 23-April-2016.

Saint George is not just the patron saint of England but a large number of patronages around the world including Locorotondo's Mother Church of "St. George the Martyr".

We were lucky enough to be in Italy at the time of the Locorotondo's saint's day. In typical Italian tradition this involved a service followed by a parade of the statues around the town on the shoulders of the faithful. Not only Saint George but also the Blessed Virgin Mary - two statues for the price of one.

I am almost starting to feel like a local. Whilst standing there we bumped into two Italian friends, Tonino the butcher and Michele who rotavates our trulli garden. It is a small community and this event ensured a good turn out.

The procession was candle-lit, many of the people were carrying torches, and there was a small band playing a march. Once the parade vanished off down the narrow, paved alleyways we headed home for a nice bottle of local red wine and supper.

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