Sunday, July 06, 2014

20th Century Boy at The New Wimbledon Theatre

Saturday 28-June-2014

Strange to tell but Mary didn't want to go to this so I went with friend Ros. The three of us went for a Italian meal beforehand then Mary toddled off home and Ros and I joined what looked like a sell out show.

The musical took a basically linear biographical approach to Marc's life but used Marc's son Rolan as the "narrator" discovering his father's story through Marc's family.

A review from Gordon of Tyrannosaurus Rex tribute band Strange Orchestra:

"On Saturday night I was lucky enough to see the 20th Century Boy musical with a great group of friends at the New Wimbledon Theatre. I saw it 4 times in Ipswich and like everyone else I got caught up in the euphoria and excitement.

I saw it twice in Coventry and was very lukewarm with the changes to the storyline and felt it had lost a lot of it's original momentum and freshness and to be honest I thought it was going nowhere fast. Saturday night was an incredibly huge step up, from everything I'd seen before.

I thought George McQuire did an ok job but Warren Sollars nailed it as good as anyone's ever going to. The new Rolan actor is as good as the original which says something as he had a lot to live up to. The two girls who play June and Gloria are superb, the Gloria actress has been with the show from the start and June's actress is doing her 2nd run after Coventry.

All the actors now seem better and more professional as well as the additional cast who's dancing and singing was spot on and they looked gorgeous to boot!

This show, which has had more than it's fair share of critics, me included, is now something special and the whole theatre rocked its socks off. By Jove I do think it's ready and good enough for the West End. Just sort the fecking shoes out!! It'll shut everyone up and it's not rocket science. So much work has gone into the show it's a shame something so simple still causes so much negative response when it's so bloody easy to correct!!"

Obviously you cannot really end on Marc's death so the coda to his story was an extended encore of several of the best loved tracks to get them dancing in the aisles and send the audience home on a high.

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