Monday, December 09, 2013

Sotto Le Stelle 15 - Sleeping in the apartment

So close to finished that we can sleep there and publish version 1.0 of the before and after pictures.

The gas has still to be connected, thanks to the Italian bureaucracy. The bathroom is now complete apart from the door which is still being constructed - the tower rail, shower screen, mirror and lights are all in and the loo works even if there is no hot water.

We started the process of furnishing the apartment: I unpacked and assembled the sofa, put up a curtain pole for the alcove behind the bed and completed the bed assembly left over from the last trip. Then we brought a load of kitchenware over from Trullo Azzurro.

With aid of a kettle and toaster we were able to sleep there even if we had to go back to Trullo Azzurro for a shower. A major milestone.

The builder actually thanked us for allowing him to work on the building - to modernise an old building whilst preserving and enhancing its original character. He is a man with a passion for stone and we were guided by his advice on a number of items so he must take a goodly part of the credit.

Next trip we should have heating and a bathroom door (with any luck).

A full set of before and after photos on Flickr: 20131012-Sotto-Le-Stelle-Before-After.

1.1 Kitchen Before1.2 Kitchen After2.1 Living Before2.2 Living After3.1 Bedroom Before3.2 Bedroom After
4.1 Roof before4.2 Roof after5.1 Front before5.2 Front After

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