Friday, September 06, 2013

Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion at Ronnie Scott's

Tuesday 27-August-2013.

Becoming a member of Ronnie Scott's has been worth every penny: advance notice of artists who might be sold out by the time the general public get to hear and 20% off all bookings. We often go for the premium seating which allow us to be up close to some of the greatest performers in the world of Jazz. This is the other end of the spectrum from stadium rock.

And now another legend at Ronnie Scott's. Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion: Ginger Baker - drums, Pee Wee Ellis - sax, Alec Dankworth - double bass, Abass Dodoo - percussion.

I only know of Ginger Baker from Disraeli Gears by Cream. That would not really help with pre-listening as he is really a jazz drummer not a rock drummer and an excellent one at that.

No photography allowed but Ronnie Scott's very kindly published an album on FaceBook. David Sinclair ( would not give permission to reproduce them here so follow the link to see the gig.

Certainly Mr Baker looked like he was having a good time and did not appear to be the grumpy man portrayed in the media.

One thing that struck me was how much Ginger kept looking at his fellow musicians so that he can keep in sync - it was a proper ensemble. This I could see because we were so close but next time I might not go for that particular right hand table when drums feature so prominently - Ronnie's stage is always laid out with piano on the left and drums on the right. I think you can really tell when some one is really into the music rather than in it for the money.

A short set from drum-led support act Fletch's Brew - a little unfair on them I thought given who was to follow. Then two good 90-minute sets from Jazz Confusion finishing about half ten. From the Evening Standard review last year it sounds like a repeat of his previous appearance here - and in a good way.

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