Monday, April 15, 2013

Cleaning the Wandle April 2013

A beautiful sunny spring day - such improvement of the last three "brass monkey" events.

The equipment

These are the tools of our trade: blue plastic trugs (some muck buckets, some halved chemical barrels), litter pickers, gloves (left and right), grapples and ropes, waders (with steel toe caps and steel shanks), wheelbarrows. Big excitement - loads of brand new waders.


So that's four in the water, eight on the bank and twelve on the bridge spectating!

The bloke is the wetsuit was pretty cool. First one of those I have seen. He could lay back and float downstream to join the others; he could rummage deeper than we could - unless you want a wader full of Wandle water; very useful addition to the team.

It was a good session. I stepped off the bank straight onto a traffic cone. That level of "productivity" continued for the rest of the session. All manner of bikes and prams and curtain tracks and heavy duty plastic bags (and Bows and flows of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air...)

On the Monday my fingers always ache from all the gripping of slippery debris. I read that Yehudi Menuhin used to exercise his fingers with a rubber band to strengthen them. No need, all he had to do was come down to King George's Park on a second Sunday and haul junk out of the Wandle.

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