Friday, February 08, 2013

Sotto Le Stelle 04 - Sand blasting

The latest batch of photos from Pietro show all manner of progress. The stonework is being sandblasted inside and out and is coming up very sparkly white and new looking.

Sandblasted ceiling star

The plaster removal had revealed a blocked up alcove. Given as how storage space is at a premium it was a no-brainer to have that opened up again.

New alcove uncovered

A key long-term maintenance task was to have the roof repointed to prevent any further water ingress. There was some evidence in the stained ceiling plaster. This should sort that out.

Roof terrace repointed

I wasn't expecting to have the roof stonework sand blasted. The interior yes, the facades maybe but this wasn't on my list. It does all look very wonderful but after a few years I am sure the weather will tone it down a bit.

Roof access sand blasted

Less exciting but still as essential is getting the plumbing up to standard while the floors are up and the place is still a building site.

Plumbed upgraded

So much to see since our last visit when we bought the place. It was bare of furniture and still very much as seen. Next trip it will look very different. That is when we finalise the big decisions about where to put bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

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