Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Bank Holiday 2012 - Networking, Twitching, Relaxing

A long weekend thanks to the May bank holiday. Everywhere else (most of Europe at least) celebrates May Day (International Labour Day) on 1st May. The UK holiday is on the following Monday so we always get a long weekend. As usual our weekends have a packed agenda.

First up "networking" as I call drinking with ex-colleagues. Up to 1400 of us worked for BT on the Care Records System programme (that is correct - one thousand, four hundred). I left about three years ago. One of my ex-colleagues arranged a reunion drink in the excellent Knights Templar, a former banking hall. Good to catch up with peeps.

May bank holiday weekend 2012 - 01

Saturday it was down to Ringwood for dinner with old friends Bob and Lynn. The next day we went for a couple of hours stroll round Blashford Lakes, a series of former gravel pits now a nature reserve and bird sanctuary.

May bank holiday weekend 2012 - 02

A well kept secret it was right on our doorstep when we lived down there and we never knew. It was only 2 miles away and we drove past it every day!

May bank holiday weekend 2012 - 03

We stopped at a number of hides and saw all manner of birds. Not sure I could name them all but this one I was pretty confident of. Also a real close-up viewing of a great spotted woodpecker and a pair of goldfinch.

May bank holiday weekend 2012 - 04

The walk from our hosts house and back took us along Dockens Water a typical New Forest stream complete with wild primrose.

May bank holiday weekend 2012 - 05

Afterward we said our goodbyes and went off to Grayshott Spa for 24 hours of relaxation.

May bank holiday weekend 2012 - 06

Over the 24 hours we had massages (two each), a power walk, Mary had a manicure and I did a Yoga class. We finished with a healthy lunch and then home to the cats.

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