Friday, December 30, 2011

Charteris final wine tasting

London, England. Thursday 20-October-2011

I have been going to the Charteris Wine Society tastings since 2005. Always interesting and entertaining and now sadly no more. It is (was) a work based wine group and as people retired or left the company it has been harder and harder for the organisers to keep the tempo up. So the mission for the final speaker was to blow the budget and dispose of all the surplus funds built over the last couple of decades.


The presenter was Robin Lane ( and his brief was "personal favourites" which, given that he has over 30 years experience in the wine trade, has got to be interesting.

Jeremy Labram introducing Robin Lane...

... and this is what he came up with:
  • Menetou Salon Blanc Jean Teiller 2010
  • Pouilly Fuisse Domaine Daniel Barraud 2008
  • Bourgogne Rouge Cuvee d'Antigny (Avery Bottled) 1976
  • Lar de Paula, Rioja, ViƱedos Viejos, 2005
  • Hermitage Alain Graillot 2007
  • Chateau Haut Batailly 1996
  • Franz K Smit 2005
  • Quarts de Chaume Chateau de Pierre Bise 2009
My favourite of the evening was the Franz K Smit 2005.


Mary was not able to make it so our old friend Bron stepped in at the last moment - what a trooper!

Carolyn and Bron

What makes a good wine tasting is not just the wines but the back story that goes with each of them; that we got from Robin. A fine farewell tasting.

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