Saturday, July 09, 2011

Puglia June 2011

Locorotondo, Puglia, Italy - Thursday 23-June-2011

We managed to double book Trullo Azzurro so this trip had an added twist - we had to clear our stuff out of the way to make room for a family of four.

Normally we don't let out our side of the property, it is lock up and go, leaving all our possessions there. That is what make it possible to travel hand luggage only.

However we accidentally rented Trullo Azzurro to two sets of guest with a two day overlap. We gave them various options, including full refund or stay at nearby Truddhi at our expense. The one they went for was stick with the original booking but stay in our house some or all of the time.

That meant we had to make it habitable: we set up the truckle bed in the small sitting room to make it into a second bedroom, cleared all our clothes off the hanging rack into boxes under the bed and took bikes and a box of tools round to leave with our neighbours. It was a useful opportunity to review what we had out there and chuck some stuff or bring it back to the UK.

Lavender 2011
Lavender bush

Apart from that we enjoyed the food and sunshine, caught up with Chris and John and Carol and Mino. Ate and drank, and chilled out in the courtyard listening to the white-tailed bees buzzing in the lavender.

We also replaced the cheap and cheerful straw fly screens with some pretty blue beaded curtains. Unfortunately that mean shortening one of them - un-knotting the end, removing the terminal bead, removing 30 cm worth of small beads, re-threading the big bead and re-knotting. Doesn't sound too bad - takes, say, three minutes to do that. Then you have to realise there are 66 strands to the curtain which meant half a day. As the Scots would say "It's a right fouter, this!"

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