Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyday differences in Puglia: Dustbins

There was outcry in the UK when communal bins were suggested [1]. In Italy they are the norm (as far as I can see); the Italians seem to manage OK with on-street bins.

In rural Italy (and indeed rural UK) door-to-door rubbish collections really don't make sense. They are commonplace in the UK if you live in a block of flats anyway so I am not sure what all the fuss is about.

The exception in Italy is the centro storico (historic centre) where the narrow winding streets of Locorotondo or Cisternino simply do not have room for big bins. There the locals put out a carrier bag of rubbish each night for early morning collection.

Italian dustbin

Our road has one for the entire street. It is a no-through-road so everyone has to pass it on their way anywhere and taking your rubbish with you is part of the daily routine.

They are useful local landmarks - "for Anne's house turn left at the fourth dustbin". They also serve as impromptu recycling centres: if you place some serviceable, but unwanted, item next to the bin it will often be gone the next time you pass by.

[1] Daily Mail: Dumpster nightmare

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