Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home but not alone (3)

You are never alone with a "To Do" list.

While Mary went off to Grayshott Spa for a weekend of pampering and power walks I was home alone with the cats.

The "to do" list, to be fair, was self inflicted - there were a number of things needing to be done including "watch DVDs": Friday night was "Escape from New York" and Saturday night was "Millers Crossing". Other items included:
  • tip run (garden rubbish)
  • charity run (Mary's clear out of the wardrobe prompted by the immanent arrival of Danish house guests)
  • grooming the cats (a never-ending task)
  • various DIY tasks now consigned to the memory bin of history
Sunday I went down to visit Mum and Dad for lunch from were it was only 25 minutes to get down to Greyshott to collect the heavily exfoliated Mary and chauffeur her home.

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