Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mental Jukebox

A quick review of past tweets reveals how often my mental jukebox is triggered by mental association with sights I see:

Lovely sunny day and in my head ♫ Happy and I'm smiling, walk a mile to drink your water. #fb

#cycle past hoarding "Happiness" - mental jukebox ♫ Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess. Arrgh! #fb

#cycle past Swift Couriers van - mental jukebox ♫ Shadow cloak swift as a swallow, Pantaloon down in the hollow #fb

#cycle past Medina Dairies truck - mental jukebox ♫ Funky Cold Medina #fb

#cycle home passed by a Ford Mustang and in my head ♫ It's all put together with alligator leather - marc bolan #fb

In the breakfast room we have a drawer with trays one of which contains can openers, bottle openers and various type of cork extraction devices. The next contains all manner of stoppers, vacuvin wine savers and corks.

drawer with openers and closures
Drawer with openers and closures

And every time I open it these words rattle through my head:

Who has touched and who has dabbled here in the city of shows
Openings, closings, bad repartee, everybody knows.

Lou Reed - New York Telephone Conversation

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Rosa said...

I'm always singing a song too. Love it!