Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Furnishing the apartment 3

So I took the easy option and snagged the photos that Mary had already selected from our advert on The apartment is only 57.5 m2 but the terrace is a whopping 64 m2.

Everything you see in these photos was bought in the mad shopping spree that was our visit. And I do mean everything down to the bag of pegs in the bathroom and the washing up bowl in the sink. Plus, of course, the scatter cushions as well - it's a girl thing <rolls eyes>.


Rosa said...

Love the muted colors. I suppose bedroom 1 with a view of the water is yours? It's absolutely perfect. That terrace is to die for!! Thank you for sharing. grin.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Mark, what are you saying? The sofa just wouldn't look right without throw pillows! <grin>