Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Triple Crown settling in

It is eight months since my implant and I went back to Ashok last week for a check-up. The hole left by the extraction has filled in with bone as has the dodgy area to the right of the right-hand post.

Post and crowns - eight months later

The whole thing is made to amazingly fine tolerances, measured in microns. The posts have to be exactly parallel so the two ends of the "Siamese" crown can slide on. Compare the above with the before. The dark area is the part that has healed nicely thank you.

Posts and temporary crown - just after operation

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Rosa said...

Do you now set off alarms while traveling to Trulli? I bet you have happy this is all behind you. Who doesn't hate a trip to the dentist? I get that yuk feeling just reading this! I'm all caught up too, thank you very much. Yay!