Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wines of Australia at Planet of the Grapes

Last week four of us "lads" from work went to a wine tasting at Planet of the Grapes. A small but select crowd were present, a dozen all told including Matt and Marc from POTG and Chris the presenter. As Chris was a wine maker and the group was small we were able to have more of a conversation than a presentation which made for an interesting and informative evening.

The Tasmanian sparkling is a method champagnoise wine to rival the French. The Reisling too was very much in an old world style and the Virgilius Viognier stood out amongst the whites. Unfortunately it is too long now for me to recall a ranking amongst the reds.

Mary joined us at the end, after her Italian class had finished, and got to taste the reds left over from the "no shows". We all chatted some more, polished off what was left of the meats and cheeses, then got a black cab back to Wandsworth for a supernumery glass of red.

The Wines of Australia with Chris Unger

 • Jansz 2001 - Tasmanian sparkling (GBP 16.50)
 • Mesh - Eden Valley Reisling 2006 (GBP 14.50)
 • Yalumba - The Virgilius Viognier Eden Valley 2004 (GBP 22.50)
 • Brokenwood - ILR Semillon Hunter Valley 2001 (17.50)
 • The Menzies Coonawarra Cabernet 2002 (GBP 22.50)
 • Vasse Flix 'Heytesbury' Cabernet Margaret River 2002 (GBP 33.50)
 • Yalumba Hand Picked Shiraz / Viognier Barossa (GBP 17.00)
 • Langton's Yalumba The Octavius (GBP ???)
 • Yalumba Dessert Muscat NV (GBP 9.50)

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