Thursday, January 20, 2005

Blog meeting 2

Went to another Blog Meet yesterday. Unlike the previous Blog meet this had 10 pax rather than the previous 4 which made for a livelier meeting. They seemed mostly normal but then I would say that wouldn't I; I was there too! Not, as my wife suspects, all techno-geeks but a cross section of normal people. Some ate, all drank, all talked.

Compared to last time I drank less, went home earlier, woke up feeling more alert. Although that may also be thanks to Cleo not scrabbling on the laminate flooring at 2:30, 4:40 and 5:25 like the night before.


Violet said...

One blogger whom I read holds blogmeets too. Except they meet at nightclubs and don't keep minutes.

Mark McLellan said...

Ah, how very hedonistic. Doubtless good fun and maybe we will sometime. I might suggest that to Tom the organiser. Mind you, call me curmugeonly if you like, but I am not a great fan of such venues because the volume levels make conversation difficult. For me the pleasure is to chat.