Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Echo Beach

The job is very boring, I'm an office clerk *

My regular readers (both of them) will have noticed that, unlike many other bloggers, I mention almost nothing about the actual work I do. There was a time when I worked for a client that manufactured things that went very fast and made a loud noise but if I told you about that I'd have to kill you <joke>.

Now I work on a large project populated by consultants in gray suits. Intelligent, hard working professionals all but the work is, dare I suggest, not intuitively, directly relevant to most people (if only they knew but that is a longer tale). If you really want to know here is a clue.

What I really am is a "Knowledge worker". Since reading Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte I now realise that what I actually do is rearrange electrons for a living. Sometimes I rearrange them in the computer by slick use of Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V; sometimes I rearrange them in people heads by running training courses. The latter is of more value and longer lasting worth.

* Echo Beach by Martha & The Muffins

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noizy said...

"...slick use of Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V."

A very useful skill, and not one everyone has.

I say make hay while the sun shines - one day there's going to be a generation of kids heading out into the job market who not only know Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V & Ctrl-X, but more arcane shortcuts like Ctrl-F2, Alt-End and Windows-E.