Friday, August 27, 2004

Any colour you like

as long as it's red.

Harking back to my wittering at Bob&Lynn's BBQ last Saturday, I find it hard to believe that the assembled company had not heard about how I chose my first company car. What follows is Gospel, unfortunately I do not need to exaggerate.

I joined Inforem and the deal included a company car. When I asked what it was the fleet admin lady said I had to chose (within a monthly lease limit). Since I know as little about cars as I do about sport I bought a What Car and a round of drinks for some mates. The next day I went in and we started at the top crossing off cars until we got to the Golf GTi. "You don't want a 16 valve do you?" she exclaimed, "They're like hens' teeth!". "What is a 16 valve?" I asked in my ignorance.

So, that decided that make and model leaving only the spec. At the time I had a pair of red shoes I was particularly fond of, so I said "I'll have a red one to match my shoes".


Anonymous said...

Steve said

I remember the car, I remember the discussion,I well remember "the car fleet lady" but mostly I remember the shoes....

Now, given that I often find myself standing at the fridge door trying to remember why I'm there, is it possible that people are wired up wrong ?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That is true style!