Wednesday, February 11, 2004

That's life in the big city

Yesterday (Monday that is - it is still yesterday despite what the clock says - until I have gone to sleep just like it is morning until I have had lunch) I went into the big city - London, England. Inspired, if that is the word, by a need to visit my dentist in Harley Street :-(

Met up with Martin Haswell, an old school chum who I had not seen for 33 years! Now, him I could remember even though he had, by his own admission, put on a few pounds (but not too many).

He missed out on the KGS (Kenilworth Grammar School) reunion back in October 2001. It was weird. I recognised 3 or 4 people, that's all. As for the others, I had the old school photo, Ross Beadle could name all the names for me, but then I met them, I saw their face, I heard their voice and - nope, sorry - never seen them before in my life. Not a glimmer of recognition.

That is how I know I am a replicant. Such a c**p job of installing those childhood memories.

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